Rising to Meet Every Challenge: Gail Baxter celebrates 50 years of selfless service

Gail Baxter loves VUMC because of the people she works with. She also says she loves a challenge, and over the last 50 years of her life here at VUMC she has risen to every challenge put before her.

Gail has contributed directly to the success and continuous improvement of the clinical laboratory here at VUMC. Her colleagues describe her as a very hard working and committed person who is dedicated to the success and integrity of the clinical laboratory. It’s obvious just from talking to her that Gail possesses not just a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many areas of laboratory medicine, but a true curiosity that remains after five decades in her field.

Gail manifests a full and expert knowledge in all facets of testing in the Coagulation department and applies that knowledge to further the education and growth of the laboratory staff while constantly seeking to ensure the instrumentation and technology we use is the most modern, advanced and reliable.

Gail has successfully overseen the implementation and validation of new instrumentation on a number of occasions as well as played an integral part in the development and utilization of new Esoteric Coagulation tests which are of great clinical value for patients here at VUMC.

Her contributions to laboratory medicine are and will continue to be of great benefits to the patients we serve. We truly thank Gail for her years of service to VUMC and our entire community.