A True Team Player: Janice Ridley celebrates 45 years of providing exemplary customer service

For 45 years Janice Ridley has personified customer service — both to our patients and to her coworkers. As a medical receptionist in several areas of the hospital and then as an administrative assistant, Janice has seen the Medical Center grow. And she has grown right along with it.

Janice’s colleagues say not only is Janice very knowledgeable about her role, but she also serves as an excellent resource to others. They say Janice wears several hats everyday — whether it’s ’her job or not’, and she wears those hats well and helps others to do the same. She embraces the concept of ‘one team’. Janice has a protective "mother hen" way about her, and everyone who has met Janice will readily describe her as loyal and dedicated.

Janice is a problem solver. You can always expect that Janice will follow the rules, but when she finds that some method or process is no longer efficient or practical, she elevates these concerns and gets things changed.

Janice says the best things about working at VUMC are the people and the opportunities to learn new things.