Reminder: Open Enrollment going on now through Oct. 29

As you know, Open Enrollment for 2022 benefits is going on now. You have until 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 29 to choose your benefits.  You must go through Open Enrollment: If you want to receive the $20 tobacco-free credit for 2022.  If you want to add or remove the spousal coverage fee of $100 per month for 2022.  If you want to contribute to a health care or dependent day care flexible spending account in 2022. You should also know:

Open Enrollment 2022: Open Enrollment documents translated in Spanish and Arabic

This Open Enrollment season, the Benefits Team is offering several ways for employees to get answers to their questions, including offering an Open Enrollment checklist and step-by-step Open Enrollment instructions translated into Arabic and Spanish. Visit the Open Enrollment website at to download these two documents or click the links below.

Open Enrollment 2022: Flexible spending accounts can save you money

Each year, during Open Enrollment, you have the opportunity to contribute to a health care or dependent day care flexible spending account. Flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, allow you to set aside pretax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision expenses and/or dependent day care expenses throughout the year. This saves you money because funds deposited into your FSA are taken out of your pay before your federal and social security taxes, which means your taxable income is lower and your take-home pay is higher.    

Changing your benefits outside Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to choose the benefits that best serve you and your family.  But there may come a time when you need to change your health benefits plans outside of the annual Open Enrollment period due to a change in your personal or work life. If so, you can declare a life event.  A life event — such as a loss of healthcare coverage, marriage, divorce, death, or the birth or adoption of a child — is your only opportunity outside Open Enrollment to make changes to your health benefits.  Benefits that can be changed due to a life event include:

Learn more about 2022 benefits options: register for an Open Enrollment webinar

The HR Benefits team will host several opportunities in the coming weeks for employees to learn more about Open Enrollment and what’s new this year as well as learn how to make changes to your plans.  Open Enrollment Webinars The webinar will last approximately 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for questions. There are two webinar dates, and each will cover the same topics, so you can register for the date and time that best fits your schedule. The webinar will also be recorded and posted to the Open Enrollment website on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Open Enrollment 2022: Telehealth visits save you time and money with reduced $5 copay

Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, Aetna Plus and Aetna Select plan members and their adult dependents will pay a reduced $5 copay for telehealth visits with Vanderbilt Health providers. With COVID-19 conditions constantly changing, Vanderbilt University Medical Center recognizes there may be times when an in-person visit with your health care provider may not be convenient or even possible.