Employee Review of Personnel Files FAQ


Which offices maintain personnel files for Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees? 
The office of Human Resource Records Management maintains the official employment records for VUMC employees.

Can an employee see his/her personnel file? 
Yes. An employee who wishes to see his/her personnel record should contact the Human Resources Consultant for his/her area to arrange for a mutually convenient time to review appropriate material.

When can the file be reviewed? 
An employee may review his/her file in the presence of a Human Resources employee during regular business hours.

Can an employee receive a copy of his/her personnel file? 
Yes. An employee may review or receive a copy of his/her personnel file free of charge. Once a Personnel File Request form is completed and an employee specifies the type of documents that he/she would like to receive a copy of, Human Resources will coordinate a pick up time for copies of all requested documents with the employee’s personnel file.

What is the appropriate material available for review? 
The following material is available for review by an employee: VUMC application form, offer letter, performance plans, discipline letters, authorization for deductions, employment history – including salary information. Required certifications, performance development documents, including orientation records. Mandatory continuing education records, benefits information (maintained in separate record) and job related certifications.

What material is excluded from review? 
The following material is excluded from review by an employee: Documents relating to the investigation of possible criminal offenses or violation of VUMC policy, letters of reference, medical information related to leave certification, I-9 documentation, and any other documents that VUMC considers confidential, proprietary or privileged.

Can a manager who is considering hiring an employee review the employee's record prior to making a decision? 
Yes. Again the manager should contact their Human Resources Consultant to arrange for the review. The reviewing of the record does not substitute from speaking with the current manager and giving the required reference checks.

Can records be removed from the record? 
No. Records cannot be removed from a file; however, an employee may submit a rebuttal if he/she disagrees with material found in the record.

Can a former employee view his/her personnel record? 
A former employee cannot view his/her personnel record.